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Posted on January 1, 2011


  1. Select Options, Advanced Options, and Applications.
  2. Scroll down to CaptureIt.
  3. Press the left BlackBerry button for a popup menu.
  4. Select Edit Permissions.
  5. Change all permissions to Allow.

(NOTE: If it is not working anywhere on your BlackBerry. ie: Browser, Facebook etc. You need to set it as a convenience key. And no, you cannot disable the vibration)


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134 Responses

  1. dj fire:

    I like it

    30.11.1999 00:00 Reply

    • henry:

      I wonder could use on OS7 dakota or not or gonna get crash the software?

      31.12.2011 13:54 Reply

    • ali:

      Nice program ……..

      04.05.2012 10:13 Reply

  2. annon:

    thanks so much for hosting this, it works great! on Os6, even after you allow it trusted access, you still have to go in under options, application management, and allow interactions. Otherwise, you’ll get a blank white picture

    04.02.2011 17:27 Reply

    • jad:

      Where can I find the captured photo, I couldn’t find them in picture and I also couldn’t edit option coz I have torch os 6
      Thank u

      21.02.2011 21:39 Reply

      • Bla1ze:

        Go to Options>Device>Application Management>CaptureIt and set all permissions to allow. Pics are auto saved to your SD Card.

        01.03.2011 12:13 Reply

        • D2:

          Hi, just downloaded this stuff but really don’t know how it works, I’ve snaped few shots and all i get is just a white background. And have tried to follow the steps instructed by someone in the comments coloum by just couldn’t , pls advise ASAP! Thank u.

          10.04.2011 18:14 Reply

          • Bla1ze:

            You have to edit your permissions to allow the application, otherwise — it’ll just take white or black pictures. Which device and which OS do you have?

            10.04.2011 18:20

        • ajsiddiqi:

          I’ve tried whatever you’ve said . But still I’m getting blank pictures
          What shall I do ?

          23.09.2012 19:20 Reply

    • kym:

      I’ve done tht but still not working? Can u help me please.

      20.04.2011 09:21 Reply

    • dalal:


      02.12.2011 14:10 Reply

  3. kali:

    Awesome app..cannot do without it!

    05.02.2011 07:25 Reply

  4. ßrian:

    I love this app. Because its free & it not have that ugly txt on the pics ( sorry about my english I’m learning it)

    06.02.2011 06:11 Reply

  5. hassan:

    I just like it

    18.02.2011 15:01 Reply

  6. elik:


    04.03.2011 11:31 Reply

    • Bette:

      I saecrhed a bunch of sites and this was the best.

      22.06.2011 12:19 Reply

    • renna:


      31.10.2011 10:32 Reply

  7. rysa:

    Nice stuff

    09.03.2011 20:16 Reply

    • Teiya:

      At last! Someone who understands! Tnahks for posting!

      16.06.2011 00:43 Reply

    • tf:

      This applications works pretty well on my bold 9900 ,whis has Os7

      19.09.2011 14:27 Reply

  8. micheal:

    This is good…

    10.03.2011 17:25 Reply

  9. Joan:

    LOVE IT!

    31.03.2011 11:17 Reply

  10. josh:

    How do I get it to work on bbm or something because I can only take pics of my downlaods

    12.04.2011 23:13 Reply

    • Bla1ze:

      Set it as a convenience key.

      13.04.2011 00:37 Reply

      • cin:

        How to set it?? Work well unless in browser part, would set it as convinience key help?

        11.05.2011 05:23 Reply

        • Bla1ze:

          Yes, OS 6 has a browser bug. It MUST be set as a conv. key.

          23.05.2011 03:11 Reply

  11. phonegeek:

    Thanks needed it hozed my other 9780

    15.04.2011 04:44 Reply

  12. nice:

    I like it thanks

    18.04.2011 18:15 Reply

  13. kym:

    Can some help me please I download it but don’t no how to use it,please help asap,thanks

    18.04.2011 22:47 Reply

  14. cynthia:

     love it

    19.04.2011 03:39 Reply

  15. leeeen xD:

    I just downloaded capture it .. And I have blackberrycurve 8520 .. Ana I don’t know hw 2 use it.. When I press the capture it bottum..nothin happens except 4 a vibrationn :O anyone plz help asap !! Pleaseee :))

    27.04.2011 08:44 Reply

    • Bla1ze:

      Adjust your permissions.

      20.06.2011 08:55 Reply

      • Dany:

        You’re on top of the game. Thanks for shraing.

        04.09.2011 00:11 Reply

  16. youssef adly:

    Very nice

    28.04.2011 08:23 Reply

  17. ricxzone:

    can you post the .alx and .cod instead??

    29.05.2011 10:42 Reply

  18. ical:

    This application cannot be integrated with social scope program… There is no capture it menu on it….

    20.06.2011 07:59 Reply

    • Bla1ze:

      Set it as a conv. key.

      20.06.2011 08:55 Reply

    • Sewana:

      Woot, I will cretianly put this to good use!

      04.09.2011 02:32 Reply

    • Name...natacha morales:

      Me gustan los captures quiero descargar muchos

      01.10.2012 03:42 Reply

  19. joey:

    I Love it. Its very nice and u dnt have texts at the buttom of it

    23.06.2011 14:25 Reply

  20. giorgio:

    Awesome stuff I can’t do without it

    04.07.2011 18:14 Reply

  21. mutiara Annisa:

    I want to have capture it

    07.07.2011 02:54 Reply

  22. PG:

    Doesnt’ work on the Sprint 8530 Curve. :( Really could have used it. It just vibrates when you try to open it and does not open.

    07.07.2011 16:53 Reply

    • Bla1ze:

      You didn’t adjust your permissions.

      07.07.2011 17:08 Reply

  23. PG:

    Yes, I did. I followed your initial instructions and your follow up instructions.

    P.S. Shouldn’t you have asked first? ;)

    07.07.2011 18:34 Reply

  24. Mehdi:

    Merci! :D

    10.07.2011 13:55 Reply

  25. maisis:

    Amazin app

    10.07.2011 21:31 Reply

  26. Susan:

    Mine stopped vibrating. I reloaded v1.4, still no vibration. All permissions allowed. It still stores the image on the SD card but I have to keep checking because the vibration which confirmed the save no longer working. Any suggestions? (Yes, I’ve rebooted)
    Great little app, BTW. I’ve used it for many purposes, both personal and for biz.

    19.07.2011 13:54 Reply

  27. corbie:

    Hw do it work on bb 8520 curve plz help

    20.08.2011 23:39 Reply

  28. riza:

    Big thanks!! I’ve looking for it since I’d just change my phone’s OS, keep up the good work!!

    26.08.2011 02:14 Reply

  29. KM:

    I LOVE YOU CAPTURE IT! Been using it for years now !

    26.08.2011 06:49 Reply

  30. bk.bam.bam:

    thank you (:

    29.08.2011 09:47 Reply

  31. LittleMissSunshine:

    I have the BlackBerry Curve 8320 and I just downloaded this app and it isn’t working. I’m getting the whole vibrate when trying to open. I’ve set all the permissions and why isn’t it working?? Is the app not compatible with my phone??

    06.09.2011 18:36 Reply

  32. jasmine:

    what is the name of this theme u have here ?

    08.09.2011 15:37 Reply

  33. Ary:

    I am using bold 9700 n OS 6. I can’t capture it screen in bbm group only. I also can’t find edit permission in 3rd party application. How to fix this problem? Thanks a lot.

    16.09.2011 15:32 Reply

  34. yenny tan:

    Its awesomeeee thankssss

    21.09.2011 23:47 Reply

  35. Banjamin Holmes:

    How do I capture pictures?????v

    29.09.2011 20:54 Reply

  36. shane:


    11.10.2011 22:54 Reply

  37. fikhatful:

    Thaaaank’s soo much x))

    22.10.2011 02:07 Reply

  38. diba:

    i want to download this app really badly , i downloaded it using my computer because my curve 8520 doesnt work with the wireless connection , someone help please ?

    22.10.2011 11:06 Reply

    • Bla1ze:

      You use your BlackBerry, not your computer.

      22.10.2011 17:01 Reply

  39. kale:

    Very good

    30.10.2011 18:21 Reply

  40. mirgaaa:

    I like dist

    05.11.2011 00:57 Reply

  41. lma13:

    Works perfectly on OS7!!

    16.11.2011 23:52 Reply

  42. nyphemie:

    Its on point, jus wat I need

    21.11.2011 12:21 Reply

  43. Fx:

    Love it! And I love that it doesn’t have any watermark.. Thanks again

    26.11.2011 14:28 Reply

  44. esther:

    I ​L♡√Ƹ̵ it when it captures it s̶̲̥̅ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡‎ i also want it  M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ phone

    07.12.2011 15:10 Reply

  45. there:

    It isn’t work for browsing and facebook.. Can you give me solution? Thanks :)

    09.12.2011 04:03 Reply

  46. gileidy:


    09.12.2011 13:13 Reply

  47. TheQueenDezzy:

    Hi. I got a 9700 wit OS6. And my capture it captures everything except wen I’m on facebook. And thts wat I need it for the most. All permissions are set to allow. HELP!!!!! :(

    26.12.2011 01:15 Reply

  48. jocuri cu bile:

    Capture It Download CaptureIt OTA has been stored like a favorite :), I really like your site!

    04.01.2012 17:43 Reply

  49. priscila melendez:

    I love capture it

    05.01.2012 23:33 Reply

  50. N3RVE:

    Thanks for hosting this. If for some reason, you need to take this out, let me know so I can continue to make it available for everyone’s use. The best screen shot app by far. I have it set to my convenience key. My phone: 9900/

    20.01.2012 15:00 Reply

  51. kiimmu:

    I think this application is not working when I want to captured browser screen or facebook screen??

    27.01.2012 16:56 Reply

  52. paola:


    23.02.2012 00:36 Reply

  53. Trinity:

    ° • · ♥·♡ τнäηκ чöü ♥·♡ · • ° I used this one since my 1st вιaсĸвεггч™‎​​ and it’s free

    25.02.2012 01:50 Reply

  54. wiiz:

    Greeat :D !!

    26.02.2012 14:40 Reply

  55. nayerlin:

    Me gusta mucho capture

    02.03.2012 03:30 Reply

  56. @arykuswinarno:

    Perfecto capture it

    02.03.2012 14:11 Reply

  57. jon:

    App works great. I rarely take screenshots and wanted to uninstall how can I get rid of it on my home screen options after deleting?

    04.03.2012 17:40 Reply

  58. nabxdriver:

    Couldn’t be without it! Just got a new BB, and Captureit! Is one one of the first things I installed!

    11.03.2012 00:28 Reply

  59. Download capture | Snigofoto:

    [...] Capture It Download « CaptureIt OTACapture It Download. Bla1ze Posted on January 1, 2011. Instructions. Select Options, Advanced Options, and Applications. Scroll down to CaptureIT. Press the … [...]

    13.03.2012 14:37 Reply

  60. priscilla:

    how do i turn off the vibration ?

    21.03.2012 09:23 Reply

  61. luthfi:


    01.04.2012 09:35 Reply

  62. Paola:

    I have the same problem with my bb, Capture doesn´t work when I´m in facebook. Can somebody help me?

    01.04.2012 19:48 Reply

    • Bla1ze:

      Set it as a convenience key, you can then take pics of whatever.

      22.04.2012 23:37 Reply

    • huma:

      U just zoom in a bit on the pic wait for the the square on the bottom right to disappear and then “capture it”. Try it :)

      17.07.2012 00:34 Reply

  63. alejandra:

    Me gusta

    03.04.2012 03:19 Reply

  64. ali:


    08.04.2012 22:32 Reply

  65. charbel azzi:

    Nice applicationn

    19.04.2012 17:42 Reply

  66. What does your BlackBerry screen look like? - Page 4852 - BlackBerry Forums at

    [...] i can post my image? Sent from my BlackBerry 9900 using Tapatalk I use CaptureIt. Download it here Once you've downloaded it,you can make screenshots which you can post with tapatalk for example [...]

    22.04.2012 21:17 Reply

  67. Jessie H:

    Huh?!? Where is it ! Doesn’t work here but maybe it just needs some time to ajust … I’m sure its great though

    05.05.2012 11:35 Reply

  68. angee:


    06.05.2012 08:13 Reply

  69. oneone:

    How to set cnvnnce key on blackberry curve 9380 (touchscreen) ????,,,

    18.06.2012 02:02 Reply

  70. oneone:


    Nice app.

    18.06.2012 02:16 Reply

  71. Bro lunks:

    Great application you created!
    Did you know why that i have to re-setting the storage to media card every time i reboot my device? It keep back to device storage.

    18.06.2012 19:59 Reply

  72. Rahnee:

    thankyou :) very helpful,indeed. Thumbs up!

    19.06.2012 01:43 Reply

  73. debz:

    This app is awesome . Bla1ze I think u hot like that :* I’m out!

    08.07.2012 12:08 Reply

  74. pumay:

    Nice !! ;D

    14.07.2012 13:40 Reply

  75. zaina:

    i have problem with it when i capture that i go to the pictures i cant open it why?

    15.07.2012 14:52 Reply

  76. Melawanarah:

    Its work on my javelin, os5. Thanks alot.

    16.07.2012 21:45 Reply

  77. sAr.B:

    I’v download capture it and when I capture something all that I have is a white background

    29.07.2012 02:05 Reply

  78. KhalidKebritVEVO:

    Thanks a lot for the program, it works very fine for me :D

    29.07.2012 16:41 Reply

  79. chloe gibbs:

    I really would like capture it becasue me munch isn’t working and people saying that this is better than munch , so I would like to try it

    04.08.2012 18:33 Reply

  80. anas:


    15.08.2012 17:03 Reply

  81. Alexferry:

    Thanks a lot for provide good n nice app, it work very good , great from jakarta , indonesia 2205AE37, just contact me if you want to asking anything about indonesia

    31.08.2012 09:46 Reply

  82. marie066:

    Thanks a lot hommie!

    06.10.2012 13:44 Reply

  83. carlos:

    i love this app. thanks

    10.10.2012 21:18 Reply

  84. ßƐΛƱŦY Ŕ0♡Ŕ0♡:

    I love it thank U very much

    15.10.2012 08:29 Reply

  85. faisal:

    I downloaded it but its not working

    16.10.2012 16:38 Reply

  86. chris:

    is this trial version like in blackberry app world or not?

    03.11.2012 08:06 Reply

  87. sk:

    Hi, I have used this for a year at least and I absolutely love it-im your biggest fan! I’ve never had an issue with it at all until I updated my facebook app-now it won’t capture facebook pages… All my permissions are set to allow and the convenience key idea didn’t work… Any other solutions? Thanks in advance and thanks for giving me the greatest app ever! :)

    08.01.2013 10:58 Reply

  88. naif:


    02.02.2013 05:05 Reply

  89. Name...:

    Really! I got frustasion when I lost all of my data and also CaptureIt application! Thanks for sharing, its working! Awesome! After I tried to open any web, this is absolutely the best!

    18.04.2013 14:37 Reply

  90. genesis avila:

    Exelente lo kiero

    08.05.2013 16:24 Reply

  91. genesis avila:


    08.05.2013 16:29 Reply

  92. albert:

    Es Bien esta aplicacion

    22.05.2013 11:05 Reply

  93. Alexander:


    09.01.2014 14:52 Reply

  94. jeevika:

    I hv download this app nd its jst working lyk jst capturing the windows of bb nthng else I mean its nt capturing any of my chats on bbm or wats app…nd I m nt getting d option of convnce key as plz tell me wat should I do..??I m having blackberry cure..plz help me..

    14.01.2014 09:35 Reply

  95. Don Skipper:

    Wow!!! I love this app soo much..and what I don’t think many would’ve downloaded any apart from this :) I love this forever

    06.03.2014 08:47 Reply

  96. Leon Kasambarare:

    Very nice

    07.03.2014 14:47 Reply

  97. danesh:

    I am getting a white picture… All my settings are on Allow…. What should I do?

    13.03.2014 05:21 Reply

  98. yohanny bracho:

    Que bien

    19.03.2014 19:31 Reply

  99. Sethil Snoopy:

    Wow It’s good job man. I like it <3

    05.04.2014 09:52 Reply

  100. Herry Hermawan:

    Ilove you Capture it…

    07.04.2014 05:13 Reply

  101. mtkay:

    I LOVE it, Thanks Team .. Keep up Great Work ;)

    01.05.2014 20:02 Reply

  102. Amal Varghese:

    Thnk u for this app ma blackberry world was corrupted n cudnt dwnld any apps thanks 4 providing it for a simple download :)

    03.06.2014 10:08 Reply

  103. 7soon:


    02.07.2014 01:15 Reply

  104. Joe:

    Good app

    09.07.2014 18:41 Reply

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